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The picture is of the stairwell mural painted for the Show House.



Mr. and Mrs P. D. Fulwood built their stately home for their family in 1914. The beautiful gardens made this one of South Georgia's most beautiful sights.

Mr. Fulwood was a pioneer in vegetable plant production in the early 1900's. His success prompted other farmers to enter into the vegetable growing field. Now this is one of south Georgia's leading markets.

Mrs. Fulwood had a deep interest in horticulture. She landscaped several acres of the grounds surrounding her home. Many of the unusual plantings are still there today.


Front of Fulwood Garden Center. Home of the Council of Garden Clubs of Tifton Inc.Fulwood Garden Center was purchased by The Council of Garden Clubs of Tifton Inc. in 1985. It has been restored to its former beauty and is one of Tifton's popular tourist attractions.

Fulwood Garden Center is a beautifulBackyard historic home that is available for public functions.

Besides having a beautiful interior, this 2 story 2764 square foot home has landscaped grounds that offers a suitable location for both indoor and outdoor gatherings. 

Also a favorite attraction for photographers!